I got a call one night from a good friend, he says " Adario grab a camera and get down here asap, he was very vague about the details.  Unbeknownst to him I was getting ready for a video shoot I had early the next day. But because we have a good rapport  that stemmed from a tv pilot we worked on previously, like way back in the day, I obliged. I made my way downtown, got to the hotel, went up to the suite, knocked on the door......and then my life changed! The door opens up and who's right there sitting in a chair with a make up artist and hair stylist getting her ready for a performance? Non other than the incredible Chaka Khan! From that rainy night in Chicago, I embarked upon an incredible journey that lasted for several years. Below, is a small compilation of footage I shot during my time with one of the true pillars of great music, Ms. Chaka Khan.